Joseph Omuse

This is Joseph Omuse, he is an orphan who was forced to run to the streets when he lacked anyone to take care of him after the death of his parents.

He has been living out on the streets for a number of years suffering from rejection and bitterness. Living on the streets is the toughest kind of life one can lead, eating from dumping sites with stray dogs, putting on very dirty and stinking clothes, spending the night out in the cold without good bedding, being rained on during rainy seasons, being harassed by the public and police men especially at night etc.

We took him into our children’s home in 2011 and admitted him in school. He is a talented footballer and he too is good in short races. He is already in the school team that has qualified for the next stage after only being in this school for less than a month.

We as a ministry (Restoration Of Hope Ministries International ) might not be able to thank God enough for all his goodness and faithfulness in this ministry. God is totally committed in transforming these lovely boys’ lives for his own glory. We now have 31 boys in our children’s home. These are former Bungoma – Kenya streetkids.

They had totally lost hope in life but God of hope has restored their hope just as the name of our ministry is (Restoration Of Hope Ministries International).

Our greatest desire is to help many more kids on our streets and even get them out of this terrible life they lead on the streets.

We pray that God will enable us purchase a piece of land and build a much more bigger home that will enable us pick more kids from the streets and get them admitted in school for their bright future.

This land will also benefit us on food production and also do some other kinds of farming on it. We can come up with training centres, a clinic and a school on this land (income generating activities) We kindly beseech our friends out there to keep on praying for us.

Thanks guys, God bless.

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