Poor health is a chronic problem for street children. Many street children in Kenya are malnourished. These children are not only underweight, but their growth has often been stunted.

Street children live and work amidst trash, animals and open sewers. Not only are they exposed and susceptible to disease, they are also unlikely to be vaccinated or receive medical treatment.

When these children get sick, some times if there is no one to help (as is always the the case), the other boys get thrown or expired drugs to treat their sick. This is dangerous. Most hospitals do not allow these boys access treatment.

At RESTORATION OF HOPE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (ROHMI), we provide basic treatment – usually first aid to the injured or sick boys. Please scroll through the photo gallery on the left a detailed preview of what we do.

We then take serious cases to hospital for professional attention. We are at times incapacitated by lack of funds.

We are therefore seeking partnerships with well wishers and local health facilities to help.