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Sanitation Programme Sanitation Programme Sanitation Programme Sanitation Programme Sanitation Programme Sanitation Programme Sanitation Programme


Some street boys' profiles.

The following are some of the profiles of the street children RESTORATION OF HOPE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (ROHMI) deals with. The number keeps increasing daily but we trust God to grant us the grace to meet the demand.

Sunday Ramadhani


He is 14years old. The father slaughtered the mother one night. From that day the boy has been traumatized but I have been counseling him and praying for him. I’m happy he is recovering gradually. The boy is a total  orphan the sister stays with somebody but going through a lot of suffering there. She also need help.

Dan Simiyu Mark Simiyu


These are two blood brothers, Marko is thirteen years old and Dan is eleven years old. These ones are under witchcraft attack. Their elder brother and sister are both insane (mad) and now Marko and Dan were sent to the streets through witchcraft too.

Their parents seem not to care about them. I always pray for them to be delivered from this oppression of the devil.

Alex Wafula


He is 12 years old. The father died and the uncles frustrated Alex and the mother by taking everything that belonged to the father and chased Alex and the mother away from the home.

The mother got married to another man who threatened to kill Alex because he is not his biological son and therefore he cannot inherit anything from him. Alex is therefore in the streets and the mother can’t do anything to help him because she wants to keep her marriage.

Ayub Juma


He is 10 years old. The father was arrested three years ago for stealing.The uncles couldn’t help Ayub and the mother,and it seems as if  the uncles were happy that Ayub’s father is in prison. They frustrated his mother so she had to leave the village and run to the city.The mother is rarely there for him. He is the only child. I have met the mother and according to her she doesn’t understand the son but she suspects that  the son is under some spells.

Brian Nyongesa


He is 11years old the mother died and the father married another wife who mistreated Brian and almost killed him. In such a case wisdom calls that one should run for safety to any place. Brian relatives don’t want to intervene. The father is a drunkard who doesn’t care the whereabouts of the son so Brian is on streets.

Kevin Simiyu


He is 12 years old. He was born out of wedlock. The mother died and the uncles rejected him. so they chased him from the home. Wth nowhere to go, Kevin opted to run to the streets which seemed a better option for him than to starve to death for no one was willing even to give him food.

Joseph Khamala


He is 12 years old. He has been neglected by his parents. The parents divorced and blame one another for the birth of the boy. None of them wants to live with him. He is like an orphan.

Ken Wanyonyi


He happens to be the youngest of all the children on the streets. He is seven years old. Both parents are alive. The mother is a cripple on a wheel chair and the father is  mentally ill. His family is very poor.