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Why in the streets.

To best understand these street children, it is important to know the reasons why they are in the streets in the first place. Many times people blame, abuse and condemn these children, without knowing or even asking them why they are in the streets. Most of the people who do all this would also be in the streets if they were faced with the same problems these children faced before running to the streets.

Below are some of the reasons.

1. The death of both parents.

In Africa some people rejoice when their relatives die because this has provided them an evenue of plundering the deceased's property.
Some of the street children’s parents were very rich but once they died, the children were forced to the streets with no one to look after them. Their case are at times ignored by those in authority (Isa. 1:17)

2. The death of a mother.

After a mothers’ death, many fathers remarry. Most of these women end up mistreating the children. We’ve heard of cases where some children are made to suffer even some killed either by poisoning or beaten to death.

3. The death of a father.

When a father dies, some mothers goes rough times including being blamed for the death of the husband by his relatives serving as an excuse to sent her and her children away from their home so as the relatives share the property of the deceased or she can be forced to be inherited and if she refuses then she can be cast out of the home. She would be accused of infidelity to her late husband and told of how they know the children do not belong to her deceased husband.
Eventually the mother would decide either to leave the home with the children to an unknown place, leaves the children back, choose to commit suicide or accepts getting inherited, either way the children suffer and some decided to run to the streets.

4. Marital problems.

Marital problems have always given way to marriages breaking. The children might be left with one partner who could re-marry and hence subject the children to step-parent mistreatment there by pushing them to the streets.

5. Neglected by the parents

Some of the street children say they were totally neglected by their parents, and some even dumped in the streets. Imagine 5 – 10 yrs old boys left in the street to fend for themselves. Dan 10 yrs and Mark 13 yrs are brothers whose elder brother and sister were mentally derailed by witchcraft and their entire family. This forced them to the streets.

6. Parents that are arrested

Some parents are arrested and the children are left without any one to care for them at home. This mostly happens to children living with one parent and when the parent is arrested and jailed. The children will suffer and opt to run to the streets.

These are just some of the reasons why these children are in the streets.Blaming and harassing the children is wickedness before God. Instead , look out for a way of helping these children because you never know what the future holds. Do to them what you would like be done to your children if they were in the streets.