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The boys

Shelter programme.

There are many children who sleep in the streets, in deserted houses or in parks, sniff glue to try to cope with hunger and to give themselves courage to survive on the streets.

Most of them are abused, neglected, exposed to criminal and gang activities, suffer poor health due to their lifestyles and exposure to harsh environment, drug and substance abuse, and exposure to HIV/AIDS infection.

The best way to combat this is by providing them a home whare they are taught and trained Christian ideals that will guide them in life.

RESTORATION OF HOPE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL wants to create a childrens' home for these street children in Bungoma that will accomodate them where they can eat, play, sleep and be trained.

Our vision is to offer responsively and adequately offer provision of protection, supervision, and direction to these children.

Your support can help speed the implementation of this program.