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The boys
Pastor Joseph Mukolwe

The street boys in a dumping site
The Street boys in a dumping site

About pastor Joseph - the calling.

Pastor Joseph Mukolwe who is the founder of this ministry received the calling to reach out to and touch the street boys with God's love in November 23rd 2001.

He had a dream of African children in a pit full of stinking mad. These children were crying for help from the pit. Their cry was loud enough to be heard by everyone around but no one seemed willing to help them out of that horrible pit. When Pastor Joseph reached the pit, He heard a voice telling him to help those children out of the pit. He knelt down and streached his hand and pulled them out one after the other. each one of them was exceedingly joyful and thanked God.

On 14th November 2009, God led Pastor Joseph Mukolwe to the streets of Bungoma County in Western Kenya - where he saw the street boys in the biggest dumping site of the region. They were wearing dirty and torn clothes (rags). They were looking for what to eat from that dumping site. (This is where they mostly get their food). At this point, Pastor Joseph heard a voice tell him to help these children out of that kind of life. he also remembered the dream he had on 23rd November 2001.

He started going to the streets every Sunday to take these children to a river; bathe the young ones and provide soap and petroleum jelly for the elderly boys. He also plays footbal with them and create time for Fellowship to teach them God's Word, counsel them and there after prays with them. After this, Pastor Joseph then buys lunch for them.

This has mostly been done single handedly by Pastor Joseph. Having confirmed without any doubt that God was leading him to these destitutes who have no one to turn to, Pastor Joseph went ahead and registered the ministry as a Community Based Organisation with the Ministry of Gender, Sports and Social Services.