RESTORATION OF HOPE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (ROHMI) has plans aimed at better meeting the growing needs of these street children.These plans are subdivided into short and Long term goals.

Before outlining our short term and long term plans, we would like to first bring to your attention what these boys go through in the streets. This will better illustrate how our plans fit into the overall objective of giving hope to them.

  1. These boys spend the night outside in the open and are at risk of being attacked by the thugs or animals like stray dogs that are so many in town at night.
  2. They have no beddings.
  3. They experience the harsh meteorological conditions like rain at night in the open with no shelter or covering hence some are forced to sniff glue to keep them asleep.
  4. Sometimes they lack food.
  5. They have no one to attend to them when they are sick.
  6. They are always the victims of violence from the public and fellow street boys who sometimes sodomise them. They are beaten by some policemen on patrol and robbed of any valuables and money they (children) get from doing odd jobs like car washing and cleaning of video rooms and hotels.
  7. Thugs would sometimes force the big ones to join them to steal, harass or even kill people. They will unwillingly join for fear of being hurt by the hardcore criminals.
  8. These children are many time misused by people like unblocking sewerages (without the right protective attire), Trafficking of drugs and alcohol.
  9. In most of the labour these boys are involved in, they are usually underpaid, etc

Based on the above, ROHMI has outlined the following short and long term plans to help attend to them. We however need your support to attain them.


  1. Provide a clean environment for them to stay
  2. Take them to school
  3. Provide for them food daily
  4. Provide clothing to them
  5. Provide medical attention when necessary
  6. Train them in God’s Ways.
  7. Provide productive skill for the elderly boys e.g. carpentry, welding, tailoring etc


  1. Build a Children’s Home cum Rehabilitation center,
  2. Come up with income generating projects like farming to help the sustainability of the children homes,
  3. Come up with training centres eg carpentry, masonry, tailoring, welding etc for the boys,
  4. Reach out to the suffering girls and provide them a haven.